When you buy a property or make investments in Egypt you in general are given to three payment options, depending which developer you buy or make investments from.

Pay in cash or pay over a payment plan or installment plan.

This options are not only given to buyers and investors with an Egyptian citizen membership, it is also given to buyers and investors from oversea (none Egyptian citizens) and most of the time without a credit control.

If you choose to buy a “key-ready” property, you in general pay in cash. Sometimes a “key-ready” property can be given with a payment plan but it’s pretty rare and usually only exist in new developments that are near to be complete.

If you choose to buy in a new development that are under construction or are planned to be build you can be given several kind of choices of payment plans. Pay in cash with an attractive discount or pay over several years with a installment plan or/and a payment plan with or without interest.

How the payment and the installment plans looks like, can be different from developer to developer and from project to project. Below we give you an example.

The property price is: 60.000 € (notice; the percentage and payments plans below just are examples and will be different in the property you are looking for)

10% reservation – 10% of the total price for reservation (6.000 €)
20% down payment – 20% of the total price when signing the contract (12.000 €)
10% on delivery – 10% of the total price for handover and ready to move in (6.000 €)
60% Payment plan (or installment plan) over 3 years as an example – The rest 60%, in this case it will be 46.000 € with a payment plan over 36 months

Cash: 20% discount of the total price (a discount with 12.000€ of the total price) You pay 48.000 € for the property as an example from above.

Whats the difference between payment plan and installment plan you might ask? A installment plan is always offered interest free. A payment plan can sometimes be with a low monthly interest fee. That’s the only difference and installment plans are only offered while you are waiting to have the property to be hand over.

And why can i buy with no credit control? The simple answer is that it depends on that the developer take the risk.