Install our APP


Installing our APP is as easy as nothing. Here we explain how you can install our app in a few steps and get immediate access to all data, just like our partners have.

➊ Install the “Nextcloud” program on your computer or mobile phone


❷ Open the program on your device

❸ Click “Login” and then enter the following link:
Then please tap on the arrow behind it.

❹ Tap on “Sign in” and then on “Register”

❺ Enter your email and then tap “Request Verification Code”. This will be sent to your email to verify that you are really you. In addition, we ensure that the program can send you information about changes, news and offers.

❻ Enter the verification code into your device (please note that it is case-sensitive)

❼ Now just fill in your name and phone number. Please choose a password with at least 10 characters, upper and lower case letters and at least one special character

❽ Tap “Create Account”

That’s it. You will immediately see the files on your device.

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How to install

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