Cheap studio-apartment in Egypt on the beach

Cheap studio-apartment in Egypt on the beach
  • Property type: Studio
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Year: 2019
  • Features: Air Conditioning , Furnished
  • Property size: 42 m²
  • Ready to move in: Yes


Cheap studio-apartment in Egypt on the beach

It doesn’t always have to be Haiti, because a cheap studio-apartment in Egypt is also nice. Right on the golden beach of the Red Sea with its azure water – that would be something, wouldn’t it? Of course we get the most requests for apartments by the sea, because who doesn’t dream of that? However, the problem, is that these are usually too expensive. And that’s logical. Anybody can imagine that land by the sea is more expensive. In addition, the effort to dry and keep them is more expensive. As a result, they are also sold at a higher price.

But here we go, here comes the good news. You can get this cheap studio-apartment for the price of a comparable apartment in the third row. No joke – simply the truth. So if you are interested in a cheap apartment by the sea, you should strike immediately. From our experience we can say that such an offer is usually only available for a few days or weeks.

Features of this apartment by the sea

So what does this cheap apartment by the sea offer? The cheap studio-apartment in Egypt is without furniture and without boiler. As well air conditioning system in room need to be installed. But it gets even better: all purchase costs, such as writing the contract in your name, are already included in the purchase price. Likewise legal fees and so on. This cheap apartment by the sea is particularly suitable for renting in AirBNB or other portals, for example. Of course, self-use is always a good idea. From the balcony you have an view to the garden. So don’t wait, take this unique opportunity to buy a cheap studio-apartment in Egypt!

Location in Egypt

Turtles Beach Resort – Hurghada – Egypt

  • ID: 3664
  • Views: 103